Program Impacts

Measure Z aims to achieve the following goals:

The law identifies a number of strategies to reach those outcomes and funds programming accordingly.

Existing data about Measure Z outcomes

Measure Z allocates 3% of funding to evaluation, so a good deal of data exists exploring the measure's impact to date. Much of it is summarized in annual evaluation reports provided by two third-party evaluation teams contracted by the City of Oakland:

City agencies record certain data throughout the year and make some of it accessible to evaluators. Both evaluation firms combine this agency data with additional quantitative and qualitative data, such as interviews, to inform their reports.

The evaluation reports

The City has published 11 key annual reports to date. A lot of additional material is buried in dozens of PDFs reflecting information presented at the Oversight Commission's monthly meetings. Our team is working to extract the data available in these files, so we can make it more accessible, searchable and understandable. If you'd like to help with this work, please get in touch.

Policing reports

Service program reports

The Dept. of Violence Prevention programming is evaluated annually for agency performance and strategy effectiveness.

Other reports