About Measure Z

Measure Z is an attempt to improve public safety in Oakland by reducing violent crime and improving emergency services.

Measure Z's goals

In 2014, 74% of Oakland voters approved ballot measure Z. Measure Z collects and distributes money to programs serving three goals:

  1. Reduce homicides, robberies, burglaries, and gun-related violence
  2. Improve police and fire emergency 911 response times and other police services
  3. Support at-risk youth and young adults

Methods for achieving these goals

There are three main ways Measure Z attempts to achieve these goals:

Where the money comes from

Measure Z collects money through two taxes: a parcel tax and a parking tax. Oakland property owners pay between $51.09 and $99.77 depending on the type of parcel or property they own:

Additionally, parking lot operators are charged an 8.5% tax on the rental of each parking space. Both of these taxes existed prior to Measure Z; the measure simply continued these taxes and further defined the use of the money.

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Full text of Measure Z

Download the full text (PDF).

Editorial coverage

Public safety has increasingly been covered in local and national news. Coverage specifically about Measure Z is less frequent.