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Funding Public Safety explores how Oakland spends Measure Z’s approximately $24 million annual budget, so Oaklanders can better understand the City’s approach to public safety and violence prevention. We strive to take a participatory approach to uncovering and answering the questions Oaklanders have about these deeply complex issues. Funding Public Safety is a project of OpenOakland, a volunteer collective that bridges community and technology for a thriving and equitable Oakland.

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Process to date

In 2021, members of Measure Z’s oversight commission (the SSOC) asked OpenOakland to help make sense of the many evaluation reports provided by the City of Oakland. Over the course of a few months, our team gathered available data, identified goals and impacted stakeholders, and worked with the SSOC to identify questions raised by the available data. On Dec. 7, 2021, the SSOC made some key funding recommendations to Oakland’s City Council.

Our next phase focuses on the following steps:


We’re grateful to the following contributors and consultants who have informed our work to date, including:

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